videogames videogames by Miguel draw Miguel draws

Animation videogames videogames by Miguel draw Miguel draws, 1 frames.

Cartoon Story

hey ahh this is my fiesta animation ah im gonna be walking scout my spirience with videogames once I booth a game thait was usted and IT was pretty bad IT did not even works if your wondering the game was súper smash bros for Nintendo 3ds but then my dad booth me the game that was not usted you think I legend my larsson byung usted ga mes hahahaha HAHA! no ok then I wanted legend of Zelda phamtom hourglass but I has a nintendo 3ds and that game was for ds and IT was hardware to find ds games once I want to a gamestop and THEY FRICKING HAD THAT GAME I was like oooooooooooooooooooooohoho then to days laterales my dad bus the game for me so im gonna go so bye

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