How to draw animations in Animate.Space app?

Here we'll try to answer on frequently asked questions on Animate.Space application, the app which help you to make an animations, draw cartoons, create flipbooks and postcards for your friends.

Animate.Space Interface

Fig. 1

1 - workspace; 2 - timeline; 3 - tools panel; 4 - call device's camera window, button to take snapshots; 5 - paintings tools; 6 - primitives; 7 - help; 8 - play/stop animation

On a Fig. 1 is an interface of the application Animate.Space; this is what you will see after the initial screen of the app with language's choice. Big white rectangle (1) is a working area, the place where we shall draw all frames of the animation.

On the right of the apps screen is a Timeline (2), or storyboard. Every rectangle in Timeline is a new frame, here you will find 60 empty frames to draw a cartoon. In the storyboard on the timeline you'll find thumbnails of the each drawn frame of your movie. Move Timeline by using buttons with arrows, up and down, by one frame up or down for each touch of the screen.

Above the workspace you can see the Tools Panel (3) from which we can create new projects, save cartoons to the local slot on the device or to the site's server, use the copy / paste function, ghost frames, change the color type, delete frames and undo the action with frames.

A label with a number 4 in the Fig. 1 shows the icon of the device's camera. This button also works in photo mode if the thumbnail of the device's camera window is already open.

Paintings Tools (5)— here you can find colorpicker (with 216 colors palette), change stroke thickness and transparency, and also the style of drawing lines. More information about Paintings Tools.

Button marked with 6 is a «Primitives Tools». Use default primitives or create your own using small editor for it. Below is more information about creating and using primitives.

Play animation or stop it (8) — use those buttons to preview your cartoons, play/stop animation right in workspace.

Buttons/Icons — What for?

Icon «New Movie» — will create new blank project. Do not forget to save your previous work if you have it before creating new one.

Open from Slot «Open slot» is open window with early saved animations. Select slot if you saved cartoon before (marked with +) and touch the button «Open». If you change your project before opening movie from slot and didnt save it, it will not be saved automatically. To exit from window «Save to Slot» without changing anything just close the window with cross-icon in the top right corner.

«Save to Slot» is opening window to save animation to the local slot. Choose empty slot and touch button «Save». By default the snapshots taken from device's camera will be saved too. If you wouldn't like to save snapshots in animations then just turn off «Including camera photos» checkbox. Then your animation will be saved only with drawn frames.

You can edit the animation which was saved to the local slot later. Also you can use Undo action on every frame until get blank frame.

«Delete frame» is open window to delete selected frame. Be careful because it's not possible to undo this action. Confirm deleting by pressing the button «O, yea!», to cancel — touch «No, no!».

«Undo» — every touch of this button will undo the previous action on the current frame. Note that every frame on the timeline have it's own undo-list and you can undo drawn lines, primitives until you'll get empty frame.

Even if you opened previously saved animation from local slot, anyway you have an ability to undo action and can make every frame blank using this function.

«Solid color / Random color» — this button works like switch. If the stroke on the button is red — you are using a solid color and can draw, use primitives in one selected color. If the stroke on the button is multicolored, the line will be drawed with random colors and every primitive will change it's color when you place it on the frame.

Result of changing color's type

«Previous/Next Frame Ghost» is working like a switch too. When you turn on «Ghost» mode it will show previous or next frame of your animation. «Frame Ghost» is turned off by default.

When the button is on the «Frame Forward» position you'll see the layer with grayscale picture of the next frame of your animation, if any.

If the button is on the «Frame Back» the grayscale picture of the previous frame will appear on the workspace.

«Copy Frame» — is copying selected frame. The copied frame of your cartoon will be stored until the new one is copied, or the application closes.

«Paste Frame» — is pasting early copied frame to the selected place on timeline. You can duplicate frames to increase the duration of the scene or if you need to change only some of details on you frames.
Button «Save to Server» starts the process of preparing an images to create a page with your animation to the site Animate.Space and displays a window with a form for filling some information about the cartoon, such as the author's name, title, a small description of the animation.

Do not forget to touch Save button, if you really want to publish your work. To end the saving process just press cross-icon on the up right corner of the window.

«Open Gallery» is opening the User's Gallery page on Animate.Space site, where you can see the best cartoons of our users, rate it, comment it and share it through social networks.
«Camera Shot» is opening the window to get snapshots from your device's camera and take snapshot to the selected frame on the timeline.

«Color Picker» let you choose color from a 216 colors palette.
«Painting Tools» — touch this button to choose different lines/brushes types.
Button «Primitives» is opening window with it. Read more about creating and using primitives in your animations.
Button «Help» is opening page with text you probably read right now.
«Play» button is turn on the cartoon playback in the working area. If you start to draw during playback the app will stop movie on first frame.
Button «Stop Animation» is turning off animation's playback and back to the first frame.

Creating New Project

By touching button you create new blank animation project. In this case, all changes to the animation frames previously made will not be saved. New project have 60 empty frames with white background, every frame could be filled with snapshots taken from camera or you can draw something on it or use primitives. You can copy every frame and paste it in any place on the timeline.

Save Animation

Save your animations to the local slots to edit it later. Touch button to open window, choose empty slot (busy slots marked with +) and press «Save».

Take Sanpshots from Camera

Touch on the lower left corner of Animate.Space app and turn on your device camera. If your device have several cameras, use button to switch it. To take snapshots you can use button on the lower left corner of the app's screen or same icon in the window for choosing camera.

You can take shots from camera not only to the selected frame on the timeline but using «Autoframe» mode too. Then every taken snapshot will be placed in a separate frame. You can draw on snapshots same way as you draw on blank pages.

You can save animations including camera shots or uncheck the checkbox «Including camera shots» in the window to save projects to the local slots. In the latter case, only the animation drawn by hand will be saved in the local slot.

Copying / Pasting Frames

To easily change some frames, increase the delay time of a certain scene in the cartoon - use the function of copying / pasting frames. The function allows you to copy any selected frame and paste it anywhere on the timeline, as many times as needed. The frame is inserted into the timeline with its own undo list, so you can undo your actions in the pasted frames if necessary.

To copy frame just select it by touching on timeline until red line will appear near it and press button , then select frame where you want to duplicate frame (empty or busy with early drawn picture, snapshot) and touch the button .


«Autoframe» function works in a two ways and it's turned off by default. To enable auto-filling of frames just open the settings window with the button and click on the checkbox «Turn On Autoframe».

By default auto-framing will be turned on without copying the previous frame, i.e. each stroke / line, every single touch of the screen will create a new frame and the previous lines will not be copied to it. If you check the checkbox «Copy the previous frame» in the Settings window, then with every single movement all previous strokes are copied to the current frame. A light green check mark above «Settings» button notifies you when the auto-framing mode is on.

To draw a jumping ball it is better to use the method without copying the previous frame, and if you want to show a slow drawing of an apple or gradual painting of some part of the image, it is better to copy the previous frame.

Previous/Next Frame Ghost

«Previous/Ghost Frame» button works like a switch. There are three position of this button — turned off (by default), showing previous frame and showing next frame. To see what is drawn in a frame before the current frame of your animation just tap button once from default position until you get this image on it . To see what is drawn on the next frame tap button twice (from «turned off» position) to get this image on it.

Results of using Previous/Next Frame Ghost

Painting Tools

«Painting Tools» — This icon takes you to window where you can choose styles for strokes. On this window you will see few icons with different lines styles. Choose one and start to draw your animation.

Painting Tools Window

Draw slowly, make your line smooth — the more slowly you move finger/stylus/cursor the more smoothly lines you will get. With the dashed style lines — the more faster you move your finger/stylus/mouse the more distance between strokes you get. Same with 'grass', 'candies' and 'chicken paws'.

Different Styles for Strokes

Create Your Own Primitives for Animations

Tap «Primitives» icon to open window with default primitives.

Default Primitives

Here you can see icons with default primitives — square, diamond, triangle and circle, — and also 7 slots with default primitives drawn in Primitives Editor. You can choose one of slots and tap button to open «Primitives Editor» and create your own.

Primitives Editor Window

In Primitives Editor Window you can create your own primitives to make your work a little bit easiest. Draw clouds, stars, flowers, eyes, buildings, whatever you want and place it on workspace same way you place default figures.Below you can see what kind of functions each button performs.

«Clear Previous Drawn Primitive» — touch this button to clear frame in Primitive Editor Window.
Undo actions in Primitive Editor Window, step by step until you get blank frame.
Button «Save Primitive» allows to save drawn figures on the selected slot and use it even after you close app and open it again.
Painting tool «Simple Line» works same way as on the main workspace - the slower the finger/stylus/cursor moves the smoother is line will be.
Painting tool «From dot to dot» is connects points with a straight line.

Draw your own primitives

You can change color, stroke transparency and thickness of primitives same way you did it on the lines.

Publishing Animation on Animate.Space

You can publish your animations to the gallery of user's cartoons on Animate.Space. Touch button and wait for a while until the app will preparing your images to upload to our server. Next step for upload it's a little form to discribe your animation and introduce it — fill the form with your nickname, name of your cartoon and it's short description. After saving you will get a link to page with your animation. Page with your animated movie will be available immediately and you can share it with friends, but we will review it for posting to gallery so it will take some times.